Since 2012, AHWS has been actively engaged in the Ajeromi and Apapa areas of Lagos, Nigeria, organizing seminars and projects to promote HIV/AIDS, malaria and nutrition awareness. With our partner, Global Hindu Charity Foundation (GHCF), we have served thousands of people through medical camps, testing, workshops and seminars. Our programs have targeted youths, sex workers, widows, women, factory workers and truck drivers from Christian, Muslim and animist communities within Lagos and the surrounding areas. We have collaborated with local churches and mosques in the quest to promote Interfaith harmony and tolerance.


1) HIV /AIDS Education prevention seminars in Ajeromi-Ifelodun, Ajegunle, Ejigbo, Mushin and Olodi areas of Lagos state

2) HIV/AIDS Prevention care and support for female sex workers, Lagos State

3) HIV/AIDS and Nutrition and Leadership training for Christian communities.

4) Free Condom Campaign on HIV and high risk populations

5) HIV and Nutrition Workplace Policy for security personnel and factory workers

6) Skills acquisition trainings and empowerment programs for Ajegunle women and girls

7) HIV/AIDS Interfaith Community Prevention Awareness campaign for Christian and Muslim communities

8) Free HIV counseling/testing and malaria control programs, blood pressure, sugar level monitoring screenings

9) Youth leadership development and capacity skill building for private health hospital workers.

10) World AIDS DAY events in collaboration with NGOs in Ajeromi-Ifelodun council

11) Establishment of Una Bukateria, a restaurant serving local Lagos-based Nigerian cuisine, employing locals for economic empowerment.

Current Upcoming Project:

With the grace of the community of Agbarra, west of Lagos and approximately 3 hours from the border of Benin, AHWS was recently given a donated plot of land. It is our hope that we can build a clinic to serve the community in and around Agbarra. We hope to have the clinic ready by the end of 2018.